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Jiaqi cosmetics is a truly top-notch and outstanding at the forefront of design, development and manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries, skincare and fragrance industries.

Established in 1995, Jiaqi founds several well-known brands and good sells in Chinese market, such as Gopas, Me&U, DsLady, Hon Beauty, Lilenfei, Aiqian, Bomic, Eiado and so on.

Jiaqi is a manufacturing factory in China and develop 10 offices in China to doing the regional sales. Our company is unique in its structure and its ability to supoort customers. It offers a fully inclusive design, development and manufacturing service and is universally renowned for consistent quality and service.

Please enter Jiaqi cosmetics world and discover how is leading edge cosmetics manufactourer can provide you with creative and innovative solutions to your requirements.

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